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Art Love Charity

About ALC

Art Love Charity achieves charity through art - be it photography, painting,

eco-fashion design, or other variations. In an age where people are fazed by technology and conflict, ALC highlights the importance of empathy and art - an universal language that transcends barriers of race, age, and wealth.

For young artists, whose brilliant works - often stored in garages and computers - are left unseen due to yet-unheard names, ALC provides opportunities for them to present their talents with admirable purpose, and teach them the benevolence that they can already achieve with art.


For volunteers, ALC instills skills ranging beyond leadership, creativity, and communication.  We also teach the importance of giving back to the community. During our expeditions, volunteers will often observe otherwise unseen sides of society, involving the global concerns of orphanage and growing homelessness. We encourage them understand and analyze these truths, and mature from these activities. In addition to helping through donations, ALC strives to make the voices and situations of the needy heard and seen, through moments captured by words and art of our wonderful volunteers.

If you are interested in supporting ALC through volunteering or donations, please check out our shop and join our adventure by making an account. With membership, you'll be able to see various volunteer opportunities on our website.


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